Code Samples

These samples are purely academic and are more about code than UI design.

Experiments with HTML 5

A variety of new HTML 5 concepts are presented.

JavaScript Objects

The Electronic Keyboard app reads a nested object array from sounds.js and creates a piano. This is the jQuery version; the original is written in plain old JavaScript. There is some rudimentary animation also.

Responsive Design

Venice Bread & Breakfast is a responsive website designed for even the most rudimentary mobile browsers. There is no JavaScript and the site has been optimized using a variety of tools. Responive features include a collapsible menu for smaller viewports, responsive text, transition from the 3 column layout to a single column, responsive forms etc. To view the responsiveness, position the mouse on the lower-left corner of the browser window and drag to left and up to shrink the viewport. Or view it through development tools emulators or a mobile device.

JavaScript Mobile Web

The Travel Diary is a mobile web application written in JavaScript. It uses local storage, JSON, and geolocation APIs. Stored travel entries cam be viewed without Internet connectivity.